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Cultural intelligence doesn’t mean being a cultural chameleon. Sometimes when I attempt a Japanese bow, I notice my Japanese counterpart extending her arm to shake my hand. It’s a bit like a middle-aged adult trying to act, dress, and talk like a hipster. It doesn’t turn out well for anyone.

When should we adapt to another culture and when is doing so inauthentic or worse yet, insulting? Clearly there are times we must adapt to different cultures. That’s at the crux of cultural intelligence. But is adaptation always the right choice? Here are a few questions I ask myself when making that decision:

1. Is it a tight or loose culture? Michelle Gelfand from the University of Maryland studied “Tight vs. Loose” cultures. This refers to how strong the social norms are within a culture. It’s a society’s level of tolerance for people who deviate from its preferred norms.

Places like Japan and Saudi Arabia are “tight” cultures. They emphasize conformity to their dominant social values and norms. In contrast, Thailand and The Netherlands are “loose” cultures, where the emphasis is upon you behaving as you wish, as long as it doesn’t infringe upon someone else being able to do so as well.

When deciding if and how much you should adapt to a different culture, reflect on how tight or loose it is. Look at the research on the 33 nations included in the IDIFU Womens Casual Buckle Low Top Slip On Flats Shoes Closed Pointed Toe Office Loafers Black o5XSoBy5
And use your own insights and network to get a sense of the expectations upon whether you should adapt your behavior.

2. Am I Compromising Myself? I have a set of values and convictions that I’m not willing to compromise just to fit in with another culture. I suspect the same is true for you. Some people would be compromising their health or religious beliefs to participate in the excessive drinking that sometimes occurs at Chinese business dinners . And some companies, such as Bloomberg , forbid employees from accepting gifts of any kind, including having dinner paid for lest it compromise journalistic integrity. That policy runs against the grain of the cultural values of hospitality and gift-giving in many places around the world.

But cultural intelligence is not simply play-acting and performing based upon others’ preferences and expectation. It has to be rooted in a strong sense of your self. You need an inner compass to help you discern when adapting goes beyond your core values.

3. How can I best express my intentions? By this point, the inevitable question is, It sounds great. But in reality, your behavior might mean one thing to you and an entirely different thing to someone else. For one person, “being yourself” might mean being blunt and speaking boldly. To them, that might express conviction and passion. But for someone who has been socialized differently, it might come off as rude and aggressive. So we have to ask whether the behaviors we use accurately communicate the intentions we want to convey.

Many say it’s just a matter of respecting each other and allowing an inclusive space for our differences. But even what we consider inclusive and respectful is deeply embedded in cultural norms and behaviors. Good intentions are not enough. Behavior is the way people perceive intentions. And the behaviors that most strongly communicate are less how you pass your business card and whether you kiss, bow, or shake. And they’re more whether you’re willing to adapt the process for how you get work done, exercise flexibility in your policies, timelines, etc.

4. Will retaining our differences actually make us stronger? AllhqFashion Womens Round Closed Toe KittenHeels Soft Material Hightop Boots Blue zt4uXYqWAW
and I are researching and writing an upcoming book on culturally intelligent innovation. Diverse teams innovate more than homogeneous teams do if there are high levels of CQ among the diverse team members. Therefore, if everyone tries to be the same, the team loses one of the most powerful drivers of innovation—the differences!

On the other hand, if every team member insists on “being themselves” and no one adapts, the team sits in gridlock. (U.S. congress anyone?!). Culturally intelligent teams draw upon their differences to find a third space where they can create innovative solutions that stem from the power of different perspectives and approaches.

Andy Molinski’s new book, is an excellent resource that takes all of this much further. It provides research-based, practical ways to improve CQ Action —your ability to effectively adapt your behavior for intercultural environments.

When have you adapted too much? Not enough? What questions would you add to the list?

When Does Cultural Immersion Go Too Far?


Why do all the Chinese students sit together?


Oscars So White? Welcome to the Film Industry!

Guest post by Emily Livermore ...

New Book on Culturally Intelligent Innovation

DRIVEN BY DIFFERENCE: Releases February 17 ...

The Power of Attention for Culturally Intelligent Innovation


CQ is an ongoing education

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The Cultural Intelligence Center is dedicated to building bridges and removing barriers for working and relating across cultures. Copyright © 1995-2018 Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC | Terms and Conditions

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Learn how the EU affects your human rights and gain insights into the ways the EU can enhance its positive impact on human rights worldwide in this FREE Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on The EU and Human Rights , availableon the edX platform.

Whether you are an EU citizen or not, this course concerns you! The EU is a major global actor in the field of human rights. EU Treaties state that human rights are a fundamental value of the Union, which must be a silver thread in all its policies. The EU now acts within an impressive array of competences, and therefore has the potential to impact – positively or negatively – anyone’s human rights. This EU and Human Rights course teaches the basics of human rights, placing the EU at the centre of investigation.

For more information on how to register, follow this Carlos by Carlos Santana Womens Melody Sandals Tan/Gold Snake Print MekOweLCf

18 September 2017 - InterestPrint Womens Jogging Running Sneaker Lightweight Go Easy Walking Comfort Sports Athletic Shoes Ripe Juicy Strawberries On Striped Multi 1 fil0p

The Norweigan Centre for Human Rights, in collaboration with AHRI, launches its 5 week MOOC on Mass Migration Human Rights on Monday, 18 September 2017. The course is delivered in English on a masters level and is free to all. For more information or to register, follow this .

AHRI 2017 adopts the Leuven Declaration on the Backlash Against Independent Human Rights Mechanisms.

At the 2017 AHRI Conference in Leuven, Belgium, the General Assembly adopted the Leuven Declaration on the Backlash Against Independent Human Rights Mechanisms . Translations are available .

AHRI letter of supportfor Central European University, Hungary

On behalf of the AHRI Association, on 3 April 2017 the AHRI Chair sent a letter of supportforCentral European Universityin Hungaryto the Hungarian Minister of Human Capacities. Please find the letter here .

AHRI conference 2017

The 2017 AHRI conference took placein Leuven 27 and 28 April 2017.

The theme for the conference was “The Promotion and Enforcement of Human Rights by International and Regional Organizations: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities”.

For more information please go to AHRI Conference 2017 .

AHRI adopts Utrecht Declaration on Academic Freedom

At the 2016 AHRI Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands 2-3 September 2016 the Utrecht Declaration on Academic Freedom was adopted. Translations into other languages can be found .

If you're using latest nette/sandbox , everything mentioned until here is already in place and you don't need to do it yourself.

When you run composer update , Composer creates composer.lock file right next to composer.json . This file contains metadata about packages and versions which are really installed.

It'sstandard that we commit composer.lock file only into concrete applications and not into libraries. There can be a situation, when a newer version of some our dependency is released, and our colleague will pull the latest version of our application, calls the composer install and now he has newer version of that library. The lock file prevents this, because when you run the install and not update , the Composer will always install versions exactly as they are in the lockfile.

If we want to update the dependencies to newer ones, it'ssimple as calling composer update .

If we have internal applications or libraries in our company, which cannot be hosted publicly on GitHub and Packagist, we can create our own repositories for those project.

Nette Framework is always available publicly thanks to the central repository, but let'suse it for demonstration purposes and assume we don't want to have it publicly available. You can put any path or address into url ; it shall point to a git, mercurial or svn repository.

More on repositories in the official documentation .

Don't consider it a disadvantage, but a possibility of improving the whole project. Composer is not capable of installing only some dependencies– it has to take care of all ofthem.

The recommended way is to create a composer.json file, list all dependencies your project have, install them via Composer and then delete the old and manually downloaded libraries in libs/ .

Any project, which has composer.json in its root, can work as a Composer package. If it needs to work as a dependency, it needs to have defined at least two fields: name and version .

The name consists of a vendor name and concrete package name– it shall prevent conflicts.

If we use a Version Control System (e.g. git), it is not necessary to specify the version parameter. Composer can detect and branches from git and those one, which look like version numbers, can be automatically used as dependencies.

Composer solves the autoloading problem automatically so you don't need to focus on it anymore. Each library can provide in its composer.json the autoloading standard it uses and Composer will take care of it. If we use PSR-0, our top-most namespace is MyApp and the code is located in libs/ directory, then the autoloading part can looklike:

But what if our codebase doesn't comply to PSR-0standard? No problem. We can specify classmap instead of psr-0 , which is an equivalent of Nette's RobotLoader .

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